Into Our Future

The Second Coming of the Renaissance of War

Episode Summary

With augmented reality becoming common, virtual reality growing in its sophistication, and the ability to superimpose innovations on top of “common” reality continues to rapidly accelerate. In general, it seems that our innovation advancements in sciences, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, and finance have afforded us the ability to adjust our circumstance to create a world we would like to see. We alter our perceptions intentionally, and sometimes in the process, permanently alter current realities. We seek to control multifaceted categories of our daily lives and replace them with a utopia which we embrace with limited due diligence.

Episode Notes

What happens when science and technology advance far enough to create fully autonomous, AI robots(i.e., human robots)?  Will they be religious?  Will they possess a soul?  Will our utopian innovations have a place for humans in their world?  What happens when we “join or bond” with our inventions?Will we create a new biologic species where our inventions dominate our lives? 

The next three decades will usher in a golden age for autonomous, artificial intelligence.  As the population peaks, the first wave of our intelligence multipliers will reach their zenith.  As the world reaches 10 billion individuals and synthetic intelligence reaches a level of human consciousness, a fork will present itself—how will these “new, synthetic lives” be governed?  Will these emerging, deep intelligence beings be part of existing societies, or will they split off, forming their own rules and structures?  Do traditional humans fully believe that if they create hyper-accelerated intelligence, why will they listen to “reason” from lesser-intelligent “animals”?  How will those innovators, scientists, and consumers defend their blind faith in creations that are no longer human influenced or controllable?