Into Our Future

The Flipside: Utopian or Dystopian

Episode Summary

In this inaugural show, we lay the foundation for why future innovations cannot always be benevolent. Historically we have assumed that our innovations will improve our lives. We have assumed that the creators of the innovation are looking out for our personal good and social well-being. Moreover, what is wrong with a dialogue, not steeped reality show delivery, that examines potential outcomes? The time to question our surroundings has come as technological advances continue to blur the realities between synthetic innovations and real humans.

Episode Notes

In this first episode, we discuss the trends impacting innovation.  Starting with the relationships, the increasingly singularity, we are having with our innovations now managing our homes, listening to our conversations, and aiding us with nearly all aspects of daily activities.  Innovations are positive for humans, it seems that the need to innovation spans our history often leading to vast improvements for workers, quality of life, and even relationships.