Into Our Future

Politics, Change and Conflict--An Unholy Innovation Trio

Episode Summary

Estimates put 40% of the current workforce at risk of being displaced within the next two decades just as governmental educational support post-high school declines. Meaning, just as work forces need a boost, retraining and additional skills, the money spent on citizens to contribute to national GDP is scheduled to decline 45% by 2021. Where will living wage jobs come from if the US government continues to rack up trillion-dollar yearly deficits, while decreasing worker competitiveness and value?

Episode Notes

This podcast was recorded at a time when the “doomsday” clock was less than two minutes to global destruction.  A time when climate change tears apart the fabric of society, environments, and generally the world in which humans inhabit.  

Can the ramifications of our innovations (i.e., those that have powered a collective four major iterations of the “industrial revolution”), move us beyond where we are today—or are those ramifications what got us here to begin with?  Are we indeed at the cusp of failures, or can it be attributable to the normal growing pains of a new innovative revolution?

Our societies are conflicted due to the rise of nationalism and populism especially within and across our political dialogues.  Innovations are giving individuals and groups greater voice to spread their messages, while reaching individuals, providing differing viewpoints, and being able to deliver voices which once were restricted or ignored.