Into Our Future

Not Tonight Dear, My Innovation Wore Me Out

Episode Summary

After decades of spending our money on distinctive innovations, we are disillusioned with the results, the implications, and the changing realities. Now that there are more mobile phones than there are people in many countries, how is being “always on”, 24 by 7, 365 days a year, impacting the lives of individuals and social groups?  When we spend more time interacting with non-humans than humans, what consequences does this have for our families, interpersonal relationships, economic outlooks, social support systems, and of course society?

Episode Notes

Our patronage supports those firms and innovations which satisfy our desires, and in some cases, outright lust, all the while giving us a feeling of belonging.  We can point to examples of this across social media platforms, high-tech devices, games and VR, medical advancements, financial management, and home appliances to name but a few. 

Whatever the rationale for rapidly incorporating innovation into our daily lives, our healthcare solutions, and of course, our high-tech automobiles, our adoption of innovations is creating culture divisions not just along generational lines, but also across economic ranges.  With the rapid pace of innovation now touching into all aspects of artificial intelligence, society is increasingly shocked by the arrivals of daily advances.  With those shocks, come fatigue as individuals struggle to keep up and incorporate changes into their personal, economic, political, and even religious identities.